Welcome to alcaricare

your home away from home
Alcaricare is a private based frail and palliative center located in Lyttelton Manor, Centurion. Alcaricare has a tranquil setting offering residents “a home away from home” environment. We ensure a warm and comfortable stay. We have dedicated staff, 24hrs care, a qualified staff nurse, an ambulance service on call, a doctor who makes house calls and professionals who we are acquainted with. Unitas  is situated approximately 3 km from us. We have a double, several single rooms and a frail care area.


In 2000 Alida, the owner of Alcaricare; realised that there was a gap in the medical market for people to be able to recover completely from an illness after her mother had a heart attack. Her dream was 7 years in the making, when she finally opened the doors of Alcaricare in January 2009. In 2014, Alida was able to purchase a home for Alcaricare. Alida has Staff Nursing experience and she has staff who assist her with administration, domestic work and care giving.

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Frail Care
Has 3 rooms which can accommodate up to 8 residents.
Assisted Living area
Has 4 single rooms and 1 double room.
Overall view
A 10 bed roomed house with a kitchen, laundry, dining room, fully equipped bathrooms, swimming pool, covered verandah and a lovely garden.

Our services include:

Profiling residents and their support structure
24 hour care
BP and saturation checks
Diabetic testing
Administer medication of all residents 
2 hourly back & pressure
Post hospitalisation care
Wound care
Oxygen available 
Assisted bathing and/or bed baths
Assisting residents with daily chores/care
Washing and ironing
Serviced rooms
3 nutritious meals daily
Teatime and occasional treats


Our services have already covered:

Peg tubing
Nasal gastric tube feed
Heart problems
Orthopedic problems
Bedsore treatment
Frail care